CLIK, born for quality special steel!

CLIK is a solution provider for sectors including mining, ports, construction machinery, defense, etc. CLIK is equipped with intergraded manufacturing facilities in the cities of Ningbo, Changzhou and Suqian, engaged in steel rolling, track shoes production and lubricated tracks assembly. With the strong R&D background and market network, CLIK is actively working with top mills at home and abroad such as TATA, ArcelorMittal, Thyssenkrupp, Baosteel, Wuyang Steel of HBIS, NISCO, Hunan Valin Iron and Steel, Anshan Zizhu, etc. in designing, investing, producing and selling steel products to generate the best benefits for clients and projects.

CLIK also serve as the sole agents of Liberty Performance Steels Limited from UK and TOPY from Japan.

Boasting 25 years+ experience in steel industry, CLIK team understand your requirements and serve you all round. 

Success Cases

Steel customers provide efficient solutions for special steel customers and engineering projects worldwide.Our industry is experienced and plays an important role in many world-class projects.These projects include:

1. Shanghai yangshan deep-water port phase iv -- the busiest port in the world.Steel supplied 4,650 tons of European quality crane rails, as well as rail platen and spacers from Gantrex, Belgium.

2.Yamal project -- the world's largest liquefied natural gas project in Russia.CLIK provides more than 3,600 tons of square tubes with charbonne impact values up to 127 coke at -50℃.

3. Supplied the world's largest bulldozer manufacturer with key components of the SD90 bulldozer, such as finished track plates with an intercept of up to 318mm for the chassis system.


Steel customers also actively provide services for various industries, including Marine engineering, shipbuilding, automotive, national defense and other industries.Our mission is to help customers save procurement time, simplify unnecessary processes, and ultimately add value to their business

Success Cases

With ISO9001 certification, CLIK have been doing our utmost to ensure our products superior in quality, every time.

·    We understand industry markets and our customers’ requirements.  

·    We understand our own strengths and weaknesses in market competition.  

·    We identify the areas in which we can differentiate ourselves.

·    We provide our clients with quality products and value for money.

·    We innovate and grow every day.

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