Shagang to apply twin-roll strip casting and rolling technology
July 24,2019

Recently, Shagang Group has put the technology of twin-roll strip casting and rolling into industrial production. This is the first ultra-thin strip production line in China and the third one worldwide which Shagang, with its own innovation, has succeeded in building with the introduction of Nucor’s technology of ultra-thin strip CASTRIP. By the end of March 2019, Shagang has achieved its target in the project performance.

Compared with other thin strip production technologies, the ultra-thin strip project has adopted a new environment-friendly technology with short process(only about 50 meters), low energy consumption(1/5 of traditional one), less CO2 emission ( only 1/4) as well as low investment. Besides, ultra-thin and ultra-wide high-strength steel and special steel with stable performance can be produced very efficiently through this technology.

The project has been in preparation since January 2015 and lasted for four years and three months. Shagang has realized industrial production and achieved breakthroughs in the ultra-thin strip technology, demonstrating the positive effects of structural innovation, change in process, energy saving and emission reduction for China’s mills in the ultra-thin strip products.

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