Copper Mould plate

Conventional mould plates, thin slabs, beam blank copper mould assembly, CSP and build-up moulds

 Dim:  from 120×850mm to 3600×1000mm

 Thickness:  40mm-55mm

Material: CuAg、CuCrZr

 Coating: NiCo、 NiCo+Cr、 Ceramic coating






The coke oven doors are intended for locking the chambers of coke oven on coke and machine sides of the battery, the material covers grey cast iron, ductile iron and vermicular graphite cast iron, etc. Now vermicular graphite cast iron is commonly used thanks to more minimized warpage and cracking, long working life and low maintenance cost.

Varity oven doors and coking oven protective equipment with types of 4.3m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 6.2m, 6.25m 7m and 7.63m. 

Features of coke oven doors

▪Automation of knife edge oven doors, higher gas tightness and reliable door operation.

▪Vermicular graphite iron door body, decreasing deformation, cracking and increasing working life.

▪ Optimum structure design based on the pressure condition of oven door