High Strength Plates

General Description

CLIK® S700, CLIK® S900, CLIK® S960, CLIK® S1100 are structural steels of typical applications such as construction machine, port spreaders, cementing, bridges, mining equipment, excavators, dozers, wear parts etc. Typical brands such as WELDOX, BISALLOY, STRENX, DILLIMAX, ALFORM, PAS, OPTIM, HITEN, SuperElso etc.



1. High strength and impact toughness

2. Excellent shape and surface quality

3. Superior bendability and fabricating properties

4. Fantastic weldability with low CEV/CET designing

High Strength PlatesQuality Assurance

· High purity

· Uniform internal structure

· Stable mechanical properties

· Excellent performance

· High precision in size

· Smooth surface with good flatness


CLIK structural steels for hull and offshore platform have been approved by nine recognized classification societies such as ABS, GL, DNV, LR, KR, CCSA and BV. The plates for deep-sea platform are granted with certificates of En10225 and API.

Pressure-vessel and boiler steel plates have been certified by Lloyd's PED and TUE(AD2000).

High Strength Plates