Bimetallic/Bimetal strip

Our bimetallic strip provides the hardness and resistance of high speed steel, with the toughness and weldability of medium carbon alloy steel.


We are an established producer of bimetallic/bimetal steel strip, developed to provide a saw blade with the teeth possessing the hardness and wear resistance of high speed steel, and the back having the toughness, fatigue resistance and weldability of a medium carbon alloy steel. 

The bimetallic method of manufacture offers a unique advantage over non-composite strip in that it permits the differing properties required in the cutting edge and supporting back to be accurately achieved by heat treatment of the toothed blade as a whole. This results in blades with uniform depth of tooth hardening and exact properties, whilst the relatively small proportion of edge material enables the use of more exotic grades of high speed steel than would be practical with a non-composite strip.

In addition to offering this material in sizes suited to band saw applications, bimetallic strip is also available in holesaw, power hacksaw, hand hacksaw and reciprocating saw sizes. The high quality special alloy backing material is also available as a cold rolled backing strip to independent manufacturers of bimetallic composite products.