Metal Cutting Bandsaw Steel Strip

We are the world's leading manufacturer of specialist pinpoint carbide strip for metal cutting bandsaw blades hard wearing metal cutting bandsaw blades.

We are a leading manufacturer of specialised pinpoint carbide strip which has been designed to provide a 1.25% C material, ideally suited for the manufacture of the highest quality carbon . Our world famour product in this category is called Trident Pink Label.

Superior properties are achieved by a unique annealing method, which produces a consistent, fine pinpoint carbide size, compared with standard batch annealing. This specialist structure coupled with consistent hardness, offers significant benefits in the manufacture and use of both flexback and hardback bandsaw blades.

Through precise control of the manufacturing technique the company can offer saw blade manufacturers an optimum balance between cutter wear and freedom from burr when cutting the teeth; and maximum throughput speeds when hardening.

Finished blades benefit from excellent resistance to wear and tooth chipping, which provides improved cutting performance, and a low hardness drop adjacent to the butt welds, giving a significant improvement in fatigue life.

These factors have allowed us to remain a significant force within the metal cutting steel strip market for years.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Steel Strip